Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Vintage Inspired Yo-Yos!

I'm LOVING how these vintage inspired yo-yo's turned out! They're so sweet! I have them all piled up on my craft desk, and its so bright and cheerful. It reminds me of a stack of macaroons! They'll be a perfect stocking stuffer for your little one! I only have 8 for the holiday season, so go grab your favorite color right now in my shop! ;)

Friday, December 4, 2009

New Items in my Shop!

I finally got some items listed in my shop again! It took longer than I had HOPED for because for awhile there we were computer-less (I KNOW!!!). Both of our laptops broke (I despise laptops) but we replaced them with a desktop and I'm back in business now!

Check out the posts below for pictures of the handmade toys in my shop right now!
Or just visit my shop! ;)

Right now I have the oldies but goodies, but I'm still working away on my new items. So check back often, they should be up in the next week!

Wooden Block Picture Puzzle w/ Vintage Fairy Tale Illustrations

These beautiful blocks will be the perfect present for your charming child! They can create 6 different vintage fairy tale illustrations, one on each sides of the blocks. There are 12 blocks total, each measuring 1.5"x1.5", and the finished picture is 4.5"x6".

Each little picture square (all 72 of them!) is perfectly cut, hand placed, then sealed to prevent wear and tear. The edges and corners of each block are all lightly sanded to protect tiny fingertips. This toy will stand up to lots and lots of happy playing! :) Its sure to become an heirloom treasure for generations to come!

~ Wooden Block Picture Puzzle Girl Set ~

The blocks come stored in a cotton drawstring sack with a matching grosgain ribbon to secure them. These blocks would also make a great baby shower gift!
(They would be so cute set up on a nursery shelf!)

All of my wooden materials are made in the USA, and all materials used are non-toxic and acid-free. Natural, safe toys are important to me as a Mom!

Magnetic Princess Fairy Tale Paper Dolls

These pretty magnetic paper dolls will keep your own little princess enchanted for hours! There are over 40 different pieces which come enclosed in a tin with a hot pink rhinestoned crown on the front. There are 6 different dolls with hundreds of different outfit combinations and 4 different background scenes to play with!

Each doll stands at 2 inches high and the tin is 4x4 inches, which makes it the perfect size for on-the-go play! (It would also be the cutest stocking stuffer!) Since the pieces are magnetic they stay in place better than regular paper dolls. My daughter loves to play with hers in the car or during church!

This toy will last through lots and lots of happy playing! :)

Includes the following:

~ 1 rhinestoned metal tin
~ 6 pretty dolls
~ 7 different dresses
~ 5 sparkly crowns
~ 3 princess hats
~ 9 colorful flowers
~ 8 little wall hangings
~ 3 animal friends (including the Frog Prince!)
~ 1 pink pumpkin riding coach
~ 4 different backgrounds: outside the castle, by the pond, in the meadow, and inside the castle bedroom

Got little money, but lots of time? Cut the pieces out yourself and save $5.00! This order will come with 1 full sheet collage of the images, plus the rhinestoned tin which already has 3 of the 4 scenes sealed onto it. The entire sheet is also sealed to protect against wear and tear. I then embellish all the pictures with glitter glue. All you would do is cut out the playing pieces! (Be forewarned- it takes good eyesight to cut out these tiny pieces!) ;)

Wooden Lacing Cards w/ Vintage Pictures!

Introduce your children to sewing! I loved playing with lacing cards like these when I was a child, and now my kids love to play with them, too!

There are 5 wooden lacing cards, each with a different vintage illustration, measuring 3.25" x 4.5". Each hole is drilled and re-drilled for the cleanest cuts. The edges and corners are sanded to protect tiny fingers. Front and backs are sealed to protect against wear and tear. They come packaged in a small cotton drawstring pouch that ties with a pretty ribbon.

This is a perfect travel toy! Its great for situations where children need to sit still and be quiet, like at church or the doctor's office! Its also a really fun stocking stuffer!

~ 5 wooden sewing cards
~ 1 plastic sewing needle*
~ 1 string
~ 1 drawstring bag

The cards come stored in a cute cotton drawstring bag with matching polka dot ribbon!
(the boy set has a different fabric!)

All of my wooden materials are made in the USA, and all materials used are non-toxic and acid-free. Natural, safe toys are important to me as a Mom!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Dusting off my craft table!

Its that time of year again (Halloween! Thanksgiving! Christmas! WHEW!!!) and I'm dusting off the inch layer of dust on my craft table (metaphorically and literally)! After a year of celibacy, my fingers are itching to create my beautiful, quality, natural wooden toys, in other words... enchanting toys for charming children!

I've been busy enjoying my newest baby girl all summer...she is just cute as a button, and we're like THIS *twists fingers*. I've never had a baby be so much of a Momma's girl and I LOVE IT. She is >just< starting to crawl so I am anticipating a bit more "me" time (ie, crafting time!) in the near future, as she'll be busy pulling all the books off the bookcases, eating dust bunnies from under the couch, smearing my make-up into the carpet, terrorizing Gretel- our Miniature Schnauzer, and decorating the bathroom in toilet paper...

Not that my other children ever did any of that. Oh no, the other ones did much, MUCH worse. (Ever been greeted by a 2 year old covered head-to-toe in black paint during the wee hours of morning?? I HAVE. Or how about walking in on that same child during an early "breakfast" of butter, cold hot dogs and mayonnaise that he artfully displayed on the fridge? YUM.) Seriously, its a wonder that I ever had more kids after that one, my oldest boy. He was a stinker!!!! Hopefully this one will be more like her older sister.

Back to crafting. I'm bringing back some of the favorites from last season, the "Learn-to-Sew" Lacing Cards and the Cube Puzzles, but with different designs that have yet to be revealed! I'll also be adding some new items...Memory Games! Dominos! Yo-yos! Aaaaaand hopefully I'll get around to doing a set of ABC Blocks like I planned last year.

For those who have been pining over the Princess Magnetic Sets all year...I haven't decided whether or not to bring those back. They had a couple technical difficulties last season, and I'm not sure I can perfect them to my standards. The main concern is that printable magnetic paper is just not very strong when you cut it up into small pieces. I have been looking into super thin, teeny, tiny magnets...but it has yet to be determined if it will be cost effective.

I'm also going to be devoting more time to this blog, and am planning on a giveaway or two. So share the love...and keep Pinwheels & Posies in mind as you get out your holiday shopping lists! :D

Monday, December 1, 2008

Wooden "Learn-to-sew" play lacing cards

I love how these turned out! I finally got a drill to work with (thanks, Uncle!) and spent all night drilling holes and sanding to my little heart's content! I was kind of nervous to use the drill at first, because I hadn't ever used one before, but it was easy enough. It just took awhile because I had to drill each tiny hole, thenf lip it over and drill back through each one again so it would be a nice, clean cut.

They are so fun though...I was lacing them up to take the pictures for my listings and I wanted to keep playing with them! :D These would be another CUTE stocking stuffer! And perfect for church or the waiting room at the doctor's office. There's a set for boys, and a set for girls.